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Friday, May 26, 2006

Eve with the babies, Clyde is the daddy

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Aren't they cute. On a more serious note, wanted to relay some news. If you are a veteran and are having trouble getting your benefits, listen carefully because I've been there, it took me 18 years to get all my benefits and it wasn't until I decided to go to elected officials that I finally got from the VA what was due me. I first tried to go to my Senator Barack Obama but his office just took my info and said they would send a letter to the VA stating this was a case they were interested in then they told me they couldn't do anymore for me. Feeling desperate because my appeal had been in the Regional office for more than 2 years, I turned to my state representative Rich Myers who's office was very helpful, they in turn got me hooked up with Congressman LaHood who in less than 2 months got me my benefits. I am forever grateful to Mr. Myers and Mr. LaHood for their assistance and all the people in their office who helped with my case. You need to know, that if you are a veteran fighting for benefits and are denied the first time around, you must appeal, the VA almost always denies the first round in hopes that you won't appeal, you must appeal and you must stay on the VA about your case or it will get lost in the many mounds of paperwork they have piling up by the day. If your appeal seems to be lingering, ask for a decision review officer to hear your case and then go to your elected officials for help and, you should have a favorable outcome but, you have to stick to your guns and not let the VA walk all over you, they did that to me for too many years, good luck and if you need any help beyond what I've given you, just comment back and I will see what I can do. You all have a nice day and enjoy the pic of the babies.

all the babies, including the bipod, ha ha

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Now tell me, isn't Jill really cheesing for this photo, I think so. Just wanted to take a minute to say hey and post a new pic, hope you like it. From L to R is Jack, Jill, Muffy, my little boy and the baby Clyde. Clyde became a daddy on the 4th of April, his girl had 4 baby girls and they are addorable, will post a pic of the babies today for your viewing pleasure. Am doing well, my back has recovered though my knees are giving me trouble but thats just status quo. Will be going on vacation to Florida on June 1st, so, wish me a safe trip.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

two tired babies

two tired babies
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Hey Guys and Gals
I know it's been a long time but a lot has gone on. Have been haveing a lot of problems with my back, this most recent problem left me in bed for the first 2 days and before and after I have had to deal with a very serious problem. I took in a 15 year old boy in December who was being physically abused by his parents then I found out in April he was sexually abusing my 7 year old (I have had him for 3 years). I had to call DCFS and the police and nothing came of the first round because there was just allegations of kissing on the lips and hugging and the 15 year old was claiming blackouts. Approx. a month later I found out that it had gone further, had to question the 7 year old again and found out it had gone further and was much more serious. 2 weeks ago we went to the child advocacy center with a police investigator and the DCFS rep. and the 7 year old told all that went on. Had to get a restraining order against the 15 year old. Found out today the 15 year old confessed yesterday and was arrested for criminal sexual abuse and since he is on probation, looks like he will get some jail time for this one. Meanwhile I have to wait till the 31st. to go to the court and get the restraining order for 2 years, it is my hope that the 15 year old won't contest it. DCFS will be at my house tomorrow with a caseworker for me and the little one and they will pay for his counseling so, to say the least I am very stressed. The 7 year old seems to be handling everything very well but I think counseling will still do him some good. On a brighter note, Jack is doing much, much better, he can do 3 steps now and today he stood up on his hind legs and he hasn't done that in several months, looks like he may not need surgery, provided he doesn't have another fall or injury of some kind. Just got a new camera so am hoping to add more pictures soon. Thanks for the ear and if any of you out there have a kind heart and try to help a teen in trouble please be careful and get the full story before proceeding with whatever help you feel compelled to give, I didn't know at the time this boy had been sexually abused himself, had I known it would have made a big difference. Everybody take it easy and I'll try to be more diligent about my blogging. Bye for now ex-sailorette