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A disabled navy veteran's attempts to help a friend

Friday, October 14, 2005

such a sweet couple

such a sweet couple
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Hi folks, I realize I haven't blogged in quite sometime so let me just let you know that jack is doing great but this blog is about me. I am a disabled veteran and have been fighting for some benefits I am entitiled to for the past 2 years. Those of you in the VA system know this is not an easy feat which explains the 2 years. If you are fighting the VA for benefits my advise to you is to get your local government into it. I contacted my Senator then a congressman who got me in contact with another congressman and things are finally starting to move right along. I was initially denied my benefits and the appeal is what is taking so long though it was a year before they addressed the initial claim. At any rate I just want you to know that there is help out there for the vets who are fighting on their own. Contact a service officer as well and sign over your Power of Attorney so they can fight for you too, believe it or not some do fight for you. My service officer is with the Illinois Dept. of Veterans Affairs and works in Chicago in the Regional Office there which makes a big difference. I requested a hearing with the Decision Review Officer and if a decision is not made by Nov. 8th it is off to Chicago for me. For those of you who pray, your prays would be welcomed here because I'm not quite sure I can physically handle a trip to Chicago. You all have a great weekend and as I hear more I will keep you informed.