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Saturday, September 17, 2005

really tired jack

really tired jack
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I know I need some new and different pics but I really love my dogs so I feel compelled to share them with you as much as possible. A lot has changed since I last blogged anything so, here goes. Jack is doing great, he is moving both hind legs independent of each other vs. together. My brother and I just purchased our first motorhome, a 26ft coachman ambassador, fully loaded and ready for some camping and fishing trips eventhough the season for that is almost over but, it has heat so I think we'll be OK. The VA doctors in all the infinite wisdom have decided not to fix my back or my knees although I did learn I won't have to wait another 15 to 20 years for my knees. The other Doc said I have at the most 7 years left but he's betting on only 5, we'll just have to wait and see and in the meantime it is a pain I have to deal with, wish me luck. Those bloggers of you in the Monmouth area should come to the auction on Sunday's, they sure are fun and I've always enjoyed myself not to mention you can get a lot of really neat stuff. At any rate hope all is going well with everyone, keep me and jack in you thoughts and prayers if you do that sort of thing, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a great week.


  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger leucanthemum b said…

    hey, x-s! sounds like jack's not the one who's really tired, here...

    I posted pix of Jeannie & Johnny from last Sunday's auction, if you haven't already found them, in case you're interested. Plus, there are a few more from the Prime Beef Festival... no more of you or the kids, tho. :-(

    I hope to get the rest of my photos edited soon... haivng Mom's machine on the fritz is making me more nuts than usual... How's your head? Is it time for another group therapy session at the auction? :-)


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