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Thursday, September 08, 2005


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Well, I did it, I went to the Prime Beef Festival Parade and to my surprise, it wasn't that bad, I really liked the camel, I personally thought it was a nice change. I found the school floats to be well done this year and with the exception that all the cow heads were about 10 times smaller then they should have been they were cute. The kids really enjoyed the parade when they weren't being mowed over by 4 boys sitting beside us going for the candy that was being thrown. I was surprised that there weren't near as many horses that have been bring up the rear for so many years before, there was less than 10 full size horses when in the past I would estimate 20 or more and the miniture horses were just too cute. The highlight of the parade for me was the Monmouth College Band since I graduated from Monmouth College and in all my years the College has never had a band in the parade, I loved it. I must say though that the Monmouth Roseville High School Titan's band needs a lot of work, they were truly disappointing, in my opinion the Jr. High was better then they were, go figure. All in all, the parade was nice, it was good to get out of the house and do something with the kids and I am looking forward to going to the fair tonight and hopefully the demolition derby on Sat. The highlight of the fair will be tomorrow though as the kids will scramble to catch a chicken for a dollar and a pig I think for 5 dollars. I do however feel sorry for the calf that they glue tags to for the kids to rip off for money, personally I always enjoyed the calf scramble, thinking or at least feeling it was less painful for the calf. I bet those of you who are reading this can't tell I'm from a small rural community ha ha. At any rate, barring any complications with physical ailments I plan on having a good time even though it will be from a wheelchair. You all have a good day and thanks for reading my blog.


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