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Sunday, August 14, 2005

really tired jack

really tired jack
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Hey folks, as you can see, Jack is doing well. He is on day 2 of his crate rest and doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all. I on the other hand miss cuddling with him through the day. I have a puppy named Clyde who thinks it's funny to go up to the cage and bark thus getting Jack to barking and a simple knock it off doesn't work especially where Clyde is concerned, he is 9 months old and very much a toddler. I swear, it is like a madhouse here sometimes. I get a break from him from time to time because my sister and her kids rescue me by coming and taking him for the day then, the house gets real quiet. It is amazing to think that some things that make you feel like your going nuts are the things you miss the most when they're gone. I'm off to the VA tomorrow in Iowa City which is 2 hours away and it is sure to be a long day. I have 3 appts. starting at 10 and not ending until about 3 so, wish me luck. Spoke with Leucanthemum b the other day and she is really having problems with her knees, I feel her pain, I know how difficult it is to take care of little furry ones when your in pain and she is a cat lover as we all know. She has one cat in particular (Peanut), from what I know that is demanding and if she doesn't get the love she needs when she perceives she needs it, she just takes it. Oh, the things we do for our beloved pets, I know my friend always trys to accomodate Peanut knowing what is coming if she doesn't. What I have learned from her is that cats and dogs aren't too different from each other, Jack and Jill at times feel the need to lick, lick my face my feet, you get the picture and Peanut grooms her head by licking until she is pretty much soaked and her head hurts. I have 2 questions for you to ponder, what person in their right mind doesn't like animals and just how boring would the world be without these amazing little creatures to amuse us. With these two things to think about, I'm going to sign off and would love to hear from you. Have a great day and I'll keep you updated.


  • At 11:40 AM, Blogger leucanthemum b said…

    Howdy, there, M! Looks like you're coping with the changes fairly well (as well as can be expected, anyway)!

    Guess what?! I smell like doggylicks, today, too. I helped somebody change the bandage on the foot of his 45 lb dog (said dog, I am convinced, is 85% soggy tongue), this morning, & haven't had the chance to shower, since then! This was the first time in years that I'd been rolling around on the carpet with a dog. So, while I'm thinking of it, give your wee beasties a coupla kisses from me.

    Hey, while you're driving to & from IA City, maybe you can come up with a few things to help me with my current issue... knees notwithstanding, I am losing it, I think. ;-)


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