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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm Back

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Hey folks, I'm back again, been real busy, my appt. with a neurosurgeon for myself is on the 1st of Sep at the VA I will learn then when and if they are going to do back surgery to get things rolling. If they do surgery, my friend Leucanthemum b has graciously agreed to stop her world for a day or 2 and be my
driver to and from the hosp for which I am eternally grateful. Have you ever noticed there at times is so much going on you feel like you can't catch your breath and other times there's nothing going on and your bored to death thank God for my dogs or I would go even more nuts than I already am. Jack is well, getting better by the day, has been off the prednisone for more than a week now and does not appear to be regressing at all though he is getting quite impatient with the crate rest. I still need to raise the money though for his back surgery though and if you can help it would be appreciated just go to paypal.com click on send money and type in fleet765. By the way, how many of us are glad school is back in session, I for one am elated, though I love these kids to death I need a break and I look forward to helping them with things like school work vs. finding something for them to do to curb the boredom. I feel like I spent most of the summer saying go play, what about your video games, go swimming, what do you want me to do. Some things I said so many times I needed to take a nap ha ha. I decided toward the end of the summer I was going to change my name that way when they called for me they wouldn't get me,mainly because I wasn't going to give them my new name ha ha. Well enough of that folks, hope your summer went well and I will keep you informed about whats happening with me and Jack. Thanks for listening to me and have a great day.


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